Jul 28, 2018

Reading and working.

So, I’ve started reading regularly again which has been good. I read on the train ride.

Right now, I’m reading Leviathan Wakes.

 Leviathan Wakes.jpg

It’s the first book in The Expanse series.

Maybe you don’t know, I certainly wasn’t really aware of it until this year but The Expanse is a series on SyFy and I have to say, it’s become something of an amazing, exciting and entertaining favorite.

They just finished the third season of the series on SyFy and though they weren’t going to renew it, thankfully Amazon has picked up the fourth season.

So, as I said... I came to the show late. I came in already way into the movie and at the moment, I’m playing catch up watching the first season and making my way all the way through again. It’s really a great series, great in the sense that it shows a future that is more realistic and more based on science than most science fiction shows.

I can’t recommend it enough. The book is good reading, I’ve only just started it after finishing up the dark tower but it’s easily as good if not better than the show.

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